Dr. Susan Hart - Attachment and resilience in early development

Thu Jun 27, 2019
Dr. Susan Hart gave a keynote at the Early Developmental Ruptures and Nurturing Resilience conference organized by the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Webster University Geneva on the 4th of May 2019. Dr. Hart spoke about the integration between current brain research, attachment theory, and developmental psychology and the advances made in this area when it comes to our understanding of secure attachments, resilience, and the co-regulation of attainment in both family and psychotherapeutic relationships.About the speaker: Susan Hart is a psychologist, specialist and supervisor in child psychology and in psychotherapy. Her professional background is in family treatment, child psychiatry and parent-child assessments, and she is now in private practice. In her extensive international lecturing activity, she develops and teaches neuroaffective theory which is based on recent brain research. Her main goal is to develop a system to bring the right intervention method to the right person.www.webster.ch