Digital Marketing Webinar Series: Towards a Cash-Less China, by Dr. Dominique Jolly

Fri Jun 12, 2020
The current crisis has proven the importance of the ability to adapt to the rapid shift towards digitalization. Digital marketing skills are crucial to secure employability and long-term career development.Our Webinars will showcase our bestseller Digital Marketing courses. Each webinar will be given by one of our top professors.The first session: "Towards a Cash-Less China", by Dr. Dominique JollyChinese people have shown to be incredibly supportive of technological innovation. They had very limited fixed-line equipment, however, they massively and quickly switched to smart-phones. China Mobile claims to have 942 million subscribers! Similarly, Chinese people were used to paying almost everything (even a car) with cash – with a very limited use of credit cards. They have now switched to e-payment with their smartphones. Who are the actors involved in this mobile payment revolution? What does this mean for other countries like the USA? These are some of the questions raised by this presentation.