Digital Marketing Webinar Series: Perception Management and the Selfie Generation: Kasia Jagodzinska

Fri Jun 12, 2020
The current crisis has proven the importance of the ability to adapt to the rapid shift towards digitalization. Digital marketing skills are crucial to secure employability and long-term career development.Our Webinars will showcase our bestseller Digital Marketing courses. Each webinar will be given by one of our top professors."Perception Management and the "Selfie Generation", by Prof. Kasia Jagodzinska.A few words from Prof. Jagodzinska about her presentation:" The development of technology has created a kingdom where the ego can strive. Digital acts of self-admiration are flooding the media. I call this phenomenon the "selfie generation". It depicts the virtual reality of self-oriented individuals governed by the need to exhibit their lifestyle, social status, achievements, and other activities. Their distinguishing insignia is a selfie stick.In my webinar, I will discuss how this self-concentration is transplanted into modern business practice, specifically what are the implications for brand design and perception management. I will also present perception management techniques and errors."