Vera Meshcheriakova-Klabacher | Spring 2017 Research Across Disciplines

Fri May 26, 2017
Vera Meshcheriakova-Klabacher, Graduate Student- Business, Webster University Vienna Faculty Sponsor: Luba Habodaszova Title: Key Facilitating Factors of Lifelong Learning Abstract: It is commonly understood that deliberate learning can and should accompany people throughout their lifetime. This paper investigates the factors that may influence people's decision to participate in lifelong learning, such as age, gender, number of children below 18 in the household, educational and employment status. For the purposes of this paper lifelong learning is understood as participation in any educational program that lead to a degree or certificate, online courses, or training within a company by people between 25 and 64 years old. This paper also studies the reasons, why people participate in lifelong learning and why they do not. The empirical data was collected by a survey, which was completed by 84 people. Although the sample cannot be called representative enough, since the majority of the survey participants have master or doctoral degrees, it still provides a first look into understanding of driving factors for lifelong learning. The growing scientific interest in lifelong learning can be explained by the fact that it will likely shape the labor market in the near future as it is likely to reward those who are willing to continuously augment their human capital in the fast changing demand for new skills.The Research Across Disciplines conference showcases undergraduate and graduate student work that makes an original, intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. The conference features students in a variety of academic and creative fields from across the region.The Spring 2017 RAD conference featured 72 graduate and undergraduate students, representing 16 academic departments from 4 schools/colleges. Along with local participants, 7 presenters teleconferenced in to present from 5 of Webster's international campuses.